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The Panoramic Group is a Social Enterprise founded by 2 entrepreneurs who believe everyone in the world is gifted to help make it a better place. Their primary focus is providing corporate consultancy on CSR integration into the clients' various business aspects.

As an advocate of social entrepreneurship, Scorch offered to conceptualise the lingual and visual identity of the enterprise. The chosen name “Panoramic” and the constructed logo aptly symbolise the holistic approach and long-term vision of the founders. An umbrella of sub-brands was also designed to represent the enterprise's comprehensive service suite.

Full Logo White-Reverse Logo Logo on Image Logo Construction Extended Logo and Imagery Style Extended Logo and Imagery Style Extended Logo and Imagery Style Logo Extension Corporate Stationery Tee Shirt Design EDM Website Layout 1 Website Layout 2 Website Layout 3 Website Layout 4 Facebook Banner and Badge

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