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Once part of the biggest associate under Great Eastern (Singapore), this group of exceptional talents has now established a powerful presence among their multi-millionaire customer base. It is a thinking group that attracts thinking clients, who both help redefine the traditional way of wealth planning.

A premium visual and verbal language is uncontestably commanded. Scorch developed a suite of brand names and sub-brand names for the group, and ‘Calibre Advisory’ was chosen as the leading group’s name. Optimising simplicity and minimalism at their best, we developed a high-end identity experience for the team from tip to toe. ‘Sophistication’, ‘intelligence’ and ‘prestige’ were the personalities defining the brand. Everything from the colour palette to the personalised type choice had to project this. A set of personal identities was also designed for members of the group. It is a true case of ‘the best deserve the best’.

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